Symposium Connection

Dr. Jamie DeWitt makes the connection of water quality and DNA with the River Guardians Environmental Symposium students during a post-lab presentation at their school.

River Guardians Expansion!

Our River Guardians project engages students, schools and hub sites located on or near 4 river basins throughout North Carolina. New sites include Forsyth Country Day School, Bath Elementary School, River Park North and North Carolina Estuarium!

Water Testing


Sarah with World Water Monitoring Challenge-EarthEcho International led students in a water testing station at our River Guardians Environmental Symposium.

2nd Annual River Guardians Environmental Symposium

This incredible day brought over 400 participants to celebrate and reflect on the success of our River Guardians water monitoring project. Students heard from environmentalists, conservationists, professors, scientists, and other water related organizations. They participated in hands-on activities and spent the afternoon kayaking, fishing, trail biking, and hiking.

Water Testing

The Grifton School River Guardian students perform weekly water testing and held a recent land clean-up.

River Guardians After-school Club

Love A Sea Turtle’s Student Advisory Board Member, Jaein, joins Wellcome Middle School’s River Guardians After-school Club for an afternoon of water testing. Jaein, NC’s National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassador, is the project initiator for the after-school club site.

River Guardians Project Expansion

Our River Guardians water monitoring project has expanded to 15 sites in 9 counties on 3 river systems! Love A Sea Turtle’s student leaders are initiating and leading after-school club sites to engage youth in hands-on water science.