Here Come the River Guardians!

River Quest will now expand into a year-round water testing and stream monitoring project with the assistance of 5 schools in 5 different counties. Love A Sea Turtle will provide water testing equipment, supplies and support along with the River Guardian Foundation to engage over 1,000 students in water conservation and river awareness.


We attached Stow It-Don’t Throw It monofilament recycling containers on our kayaks during River Quest. They were used a lot! Now we’ll dispose of the fishing line properly!

River Quest to Summer Camps

We’ll take 1 day of rest from our 100 mile kayak journey and then begin a summer of outdoor environmental camps to emphasize our upstream downstream connection.

River Awareness Day in Kinston with Lenoir County Boys & Girls Club members. Turtle Team provided kayak instruction, service learning with a monofilament recycling project and water science with assistance from George Matthis of River Guardian Foundation!

Engaging others about our impact of the river to the sea.