Service Project Video

A group of ECU Honors College students partnered with Love A Sea Turtle for a monofilament recycling service project. Here’s their video recapping the project. “Together, you and me can keep a turtle safe at sea!”

Year 1 Camp – Week 2

The next 5 camp weeks will be first year campers from 5 different Boys & Girls Clubs. Here’s some camp highlights from the week. They were a great group with so much enthusiasm!

How can you protect something if you don’t feel connected or understand it? Our summer campers do water testing, take the 40 Gallon Water Challenge, use microscopes and other scientific equipment: hands-on, inquiry based learning. They learn to snorkel and kayak, participate in service learning through land, river and beach clean-ups, and get outdoors!
The UpStream DownStream Connection summer camps trace the path of fresh water to the coast.

Stow It-Don’t Throw It

Members from the Boys & Girls Club of Pitt County – Grady White Boats/E.R. Lewis Family Unit and local high school students assembled personal size fishing line recycling containers – a Stow It-Don’t Throw It project. I led the volunteers in a presentation of the importance of our upstream downstream connection through marine debris collection. A local racquet club collected empty tennis ball cans and the fishing line containers will be given to participants in an upcoming fishing tournament sponsored by Grady White Boats.

Summer Camp Schedule 2013

8 Weeks of UpStream DownStream Connection Camp + 2 Weeks of FoodMASTER Camp

Week 1:  June 11-15 (Year 3 Ayden)

Week 2 : June 17 -21 (Year 1)

Week 3:  June 24-28 (Year 1), (ECU – FoodMASTER)

Week 4:  July 8-12 (Year 1), (ECU – FoodMASTER)

Week 5:  July 15-19 (Year 1)

Week 6:  July 22-26 (Year 1)

Week 7: July 29-August 2 (Year 2 – North Pitt)

Week 8:  August 5-9 (Year 2 – Firetower/Ayden)