Upstream Downstream Connection

Our actions on land create reactions in the ocean, good and bad. There is an upstream downstream connection between us. The River Guardians Water Monitoring project, Stow It-Don’t Throw It marine debris recycling and awareness project, Outdoor Nature-based programs, Paint The Drain storm water awareness project, Service Learning, and Student Leadership Development are components of our Upstream Downstream Connection.

Our Summer Camp programs are led by our Turtle Team and engage underserved youth in outdoor, environmental and nature-based programs and activities including solo kayaking, trail biking, fishing, water testing and nutrition scavenger hikes.

Love A Sea Turtle volunteers will lead Global Youth Service Day and NC Science Festival environmental awareness projects and activities on April 22 at Aquaventure Aquatics Campus. For more information or to volunteer, contact Love A Sea Turtle is a Global Youth Service Day Lead Agency and YSA Community Partner.

Stow It-Don’t Throw It monofilament recycling and marine debris awareness – create personal size fishing line recycling bins from empty tennis ball containers.

Paint The Drain – stencil storm drains throughout Greenville to bring awareness of what goes into the storm drains flows directly into the Tar Pamlico River. Meet at Aquaventure at 10:00am to receive stencil kit materials and map of designated storm drains. You will need to provide your own transportation.

Water Testing – perform water quality testing using sophisticated scientific equipment.

FAN (Fitness and Nutrition) Club activities build scientific knowledge about food and nutrition science and encourage participants to understand and practice science in the context of healthy living. Cooking demonstrations, food games, and health promotion activities will take place throughout the day.