Plastic Free NC

Youth-led environmental conservation and awareness initiative to help reduce, remove, and provide alternatives to single-use plastics.

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Plastics are often not recycled and are overused. 32% of the 78 million tons of plastics produced are thrown into the ocean. This results in a release of harmful toxins and a negative effect on public health. This simple act of reusing and reducing single-use plastics will dramatically help the environment. 

Our goal is to decrease the quantity of plastic waste by advocating alternatives such as metal straws, reusable water bottles, and biodegradable bags.  

Bag To The Future

Reduce dependency on single use plastic bags

Keep reusable bags in your vehicle or someplace readily available

Coordinate or participate in a local trash clean-up

Whether it's with a land, river or beach clean-up, you can help keep trash and debris out of our waterways.


Presentations available for schools and organizations. Contact loveaseaturtle@suddenlink.net

Keep plastic out of storm drains

Storm drain trash flows directly to the river


Say NO THANKS to the straw!


Don't forget to bring your bags when shopping!


Stand up for a Plastic Free NC